31 Mar 2012 Mini-workshop Bridging Computer Science to Simulation, by Samir Abou Sambra
8 Jan 2011 Talk Using games and simulations in formal education: some lessons from the UK, by Richard Sanford
21 Jul 2010 "Game to Teach" Talk Series Puzzles: Mathematical Fun Journey, by Pantazis Houlis
27 Mar 2010 "Game to Teach" Talk Series Virtual Worlds for Gaming, Learning and Collaboration, by Fiona Nah Fui Hoon
27 Mar 2010 "Game to Teach" Talk Series Puzzles: More to it, by Siva Subramaniam
12 Dec 2009 "Game to Teach" Talk Series Colonisation of SEA, by Lim Teck Huat
29 Jun - 3 Jul 2009 ISAGA 2009 Learn to Game and Game to Learn
26 Jun 2009 ISAGA 2009 Pre-Conference Workshop Training with Simulation & Gaming, by Prof David Crookall
2 May 2009 Workshop at UWA Conference Gaming to upgrade, by Paschal Tay & Yeo Gee Kin
26 Jul 2008 Talk NUS Second Life Campus, by Ms Chew-Goh Swee Wah
25 Jul 2008 Talk An Intel Talk for Game Developers, by Terence Chiang
13 Mar 2008 Talk How Serious is Serious Gaming, by Yeo Gee Kin
26 Jan 2008 Seminar Crisis Management and Symbiotic Simulation, by Seth Hetu
25 Jan 2008 Visits Visit by Profs Mark Overmars and Johan Werkhoven of AGS
1 Dec - 2 Dec 2007 Conference Third Asian Conference on Computer Aided Surgery
21 Nov - 22 Nov 2007 Exhibition ICET 2007 Exhibition
11 Aug 2007 Seminar Games for Education - How Engaging Can They Be? by Mak Wai Keong
31 Mar 2007 Workshop Learning Through Simulations & Games, by Elyssebeth Leigh