The theme of the conference is Learn to Game, Game to Learn. We learn about games and simulations; and then we learn from games and simulations. The conference theme embodies this double aspect. Between the learning and the game are people and technology.

The theme acknowledges the idea that players should first learn how to play and participate before being able to learn. It also acknowledges the idea that teachers, trainers and researchers should learn about games and simulations, and how to use them. They should also learn about the technologies. Then they may help their participants to reach through the technology to the games and simulations that they organize.

The theme is broad and encompasses all aspects of games, simulations, experiential learning exercises and related methods as used in learning, training, development, research and other areas.

The 40th ISAGA conference will be an opportunity for people to take stock, reflect on (debrief) the last 40 years, and to survey the current state of simulation/gaming, and to reflect forward (brief) into the future.