Beside keynotes, several types of sessions will be available:

(I) Single Papers - Technical papers will be presented in single paper sessions, with papers of related issues (e.g., from the same track) scheduled in the same session as much as possible. A paper presentation will be typically scheduled for 20-30 minutes in a session.

(II) Interactive sessions - These are sessions in which a fair amount of time is spent interacting with participants. Sessions can take the form of a tutorial, a workshop, a demo, participation in a game, simulation or exercise. A session may consist of several contributions by several participants with a common theme. The proposer will be the session leader who invite the other contributors and organise the session. Each interactive session is scheduled in multiples of 1-hour time slot.

(IIIa) Poster sessions - The aim of a poster session is to allow a less formal presentation to advertise and share an ongoing research with conference participants. Space in a room or in a common area at the conference venue will be allocated to allow a quick and efficient communication of presentation to the viewers, allowing viewers to discuss it one on one with the presenter. A limited number of posters will be accepted on a first-come-first-served basis.

(IIIb) Laptop sessions - These are similar to poster sessions and subject to the same space constraint, except that the presentations will be done on the presenters' own equipment such as a laptop.

(IV) Open space activities - The aim of such sessions is to allow extended people movement in games and simulations, through exhibits, game-stations, and product demonstrations or others.

Submitting a proposal

A proposal should have

  • a clear title;
  • type of session - (I) to (IV) as above;
  • up to 3 track identifications
  • an abstract of 400 words maximum;
  • 3 to 6 keywords;
  • name(s), affiliation(s), address(es),and email address(es)
  • for interactive sessions, minimum and maximum of participants in each session and the required length of time.

Please visit Submission & Registration page.

Final submission and Outstanding Paper Awards

In its final submission, each contribution should strictly follow the format in a given template for inclusion in the Conference Book/CDROM. Full length paper is limited to a maximum of 4000 words.

Only full length papers from session type (I) in the expected format will be considered for the Outstanding Paper Awards.