[July 8, 2009]

We welcome your feedback on the conference. Please answer the survey here.
Keynote presentations will be made available as soon as we receive the final edited versions.

[July 4, 2009]

ISAGA2009 concluded happily yesterday.

[June 28, 2009]

One day down to ISAGA2009!
We are pleased to announce that PGP Type A Rooms are open again.

[June 23, 2009]

Due to H1N1 flu, we're making alternative accommodation arrangements for participants who signed up to stay in PGPR. Read the message from our Local Arrangement Chair here.
Please be assured that H1N1 is very much under control in Singapore. You may want to follow up on the situation via the website of our MOH.

[June 10, 2009]

We regret to inform that Dr Vincent Peters, Secretary of ISAGA will not be able to deliver his keynote speech at ISAGA2009 due to health reasons.
The much-awaited Conference Program (draft) is now available for download here.
There are new and changes in the workshops. Read here.

[June 1, 2009]

Over 160 proposals have been accepted. See the list here.
More than 130 participants have registered. Find out where they are from!
Workshops registrations are open. Read here.

[May 20, 2009]

Over 150 proposals have been accepted.
More than 120 participants have registered.

[April 25, 2009]

Due to many requests, we are extending the deadline for Early Bird registration to May 01, 2009. Don't miss it this time!

[April 20, 2009]

Nearly 90 proposals have been accepted.
More than 20 participants from 12 countries have registered.

[April 14, 2009]

More than 80 proposals have been accepted.

[April 10, 2009]

Nearly 80 proposals have been accepted.
Nearly 20 have registered.

[April 09, 2009]

Nearly 50 proposals have been accepted.

[April 07, 2009]

45 proposals have been accepted.

[March 22, 2009]

A total of 11 delegates from 7 countries have registered.
A total of 104 proposals have been received and are now under review.