Information on H1N1 Flu

Some of our registered delegates are concerned about the situation of H1N1 flu in Singapore especially when we announced that alternative arrangements are being sought to accommodate those who originally signed up to stay in Room Type A at PGP Residences. We would like to clarify that Type A Residences are being quarantined because some students infected from elsewhere are staying there. PGP Residences is a big compound, other Residence Types are still open and the ISAGA2009 Conference Centre is not at any more risk than other places in Singapore.

To learn more about H1N1 cases in Singapore, please visit

At NUS, all events and activities proceed as normal and the following protocol is in place:
" if overseas guests from affected areas visiting NUS become ill and display flu-like symptoms within 7 days of their arrival in Singapore, they should inform their host(s)..."


NUS Public Enquiries +65 6516 7335 (9am - 9pm)

MOH Public Enquiries 1800 333 9999