About Us

The Society of Simulation and Gaming of Singapore is a non-profit professional organization set up to contribute to the development of Simulation and Gaming in Singapore and the region. It is a focused community for researchers, practitioners and developers who are keen in furthering their professional knowledge through learning and working together and promoting the experiential activities in the public community.

.The International Simulation and Gaming Association is an international organisation for scientists and practitioners developing and using simulation, gaming and related methodologies.

ISAGA co-operates with a number of affiliated regional gaming & simulation associations. Besides SSAGSg, they are:-

ABSEL - Association for Business Simulation and Experiential Learning
DiGRA - Digital Games Research Association
INDSAGA - INDIAN Simulation And Gaming Association
JASAG - Japan Association of Simulation And Gaming
NASAGA - North American Simulation and Gaming Association
OzSAGA - Australian Simulation and Games Association
SAGANET - Simulation and Gaming Association - The Netherlands
SAGSAGA - Swiss Austrian German Simulation and Gaming Association
SAGSET - Society for the Advancement of Simulation and Gaming in Education and Training
SIGIS - Societ Italiana Giochi di Simulazione